Travel insurance

February 10, 2019

Travel insurance is a very wide-ranging product, designed to provide cover for many eventualities and situations while the policyholder is either on holiday or on a business trip.

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The ‘Extended Warranty’ Debacle – retailers need to be aware of their duty of care.

July 30, 2018


With the rise in the consumer electronics industry, there has been an inevitable rise in retailers’ promotion for consumers to purchase extended warranties.  These ‘insurance policies’ are ‘intended’ to protect consumers beyond the expiry of the point of sale warranty. The warranties are often marketed under different names e.g. Service Plan, Service Contract, Product Support, Customer Support Agreements, Insurance Policy, and others.

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Why cavity wall insulation is the new PPI

May 25, 2018


For those in the insurance industry, it will come as no surprise that cavity wall insulation compensation claims are fast becoming the replacement for the prevailing PPI claims.  With daily media scare stories, the insurance industry faces huge losses as claims for mis-sold cavity wall insulation are increasing on a monthly basis. The majority of cavity wall insulation was sold by ‘door steppers’:- door-to-door canvassers pushing the low cost (free to some) installation.

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3 ways ‘Death and Disgrace’ Insurance can protect your company or charity.

February 26, 2018

Every day the press continues to highlight organisations or individuals that have carried out an act, which has caused disgrace. These acts could affect the financial stability of not only their own company, but also organisations who they work for, support or endorse.

The problems are increasing, now is the time for all Companies and Charitable organisations to review their exposure.

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