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If you are cruising without proper insurance then you’re heading up the creek without a paddle. Bespoke Risk Solutions launches ‘proper’ cruise insurance.

September 2015. Southend, Essex. Bespoke Risk Solutions announced today that it has launched a comprehensive travel insurance policy especially designed for cruises. The policy is unique in that it covers world cruises up to the full price paid (maximum?).

This year, the UK cruise market passed the one million passenger mark for the first time according to figures released by cruise body CLIA UK & Ireland. Statistics show the number of British and overseas passengers joining their cruise at a UK port grew 10% to 1,062,000 in 2013, whilst the number of passengers on day visits to one of the UK’s 51 cruise ports jumped by 20% to 866,000.

Joining forces with a leading UK tour operator, Bespoke Risk Solutions has designed the cruise insurance to cover cruise passengers including those passengers in their 80s, with pre-existing medical conditions and those with impaired life.

Peter Collins (pictured) Director of Bespoke Risk Solutions noted, “With average cruise costs of circa

£25,000 per person, comprehensive specialist cruise insurance is a must-have. I would recommend to any potential cruise passengers that they consider the following:

  • You must have a policy that would provide enough cover if you fall ill or have any
  • You must have a policy that would airlift you to shore for hospital
  • You must have a policy that gives you compensation if you are confined to your
  • Your policy must cover your entire trip (even before you embark).
  • Your policy must cover you for missed
  • Your policy must cover your excursions on
  • You must tell your insurer about any pre-existing medical

Cruise insurance from Bespoke Risk Solutions provides full cover for all of the above.”

If you would like more information please email or phone 01702 200222